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Welcome to Picture Italy

I enjoy sharing my Italy Photos with you.. I hope you like them!

Picture Italy was created in late 2009 as an experiment to see if others found my travel photos of Italy as captivating as I do.  It turns out that they do and I have not only received a ton of compliments on them, I have actually sold some!

My name is Leslie Kelley and I am in love with Italy!    I have only visited twice but I covered a lot of ground in my combined four weeks there.

In 2001 I took my initial trip to Italy.   First, I visited Rome, then Florence and other parts of Tuscany before heading up to Cinque Terre and then Lake Como.  Finally, I explored Venice before returning to Rome.  On my return the following year I added Pompeii and more Tuscany to my agenda as well as Verona, near Venice.

I love the food, the people and their way of life, the beauty of the countryside, the energy of the cities, the amazing seaside and lakeside vistas.  I love the history and the art.  Did I mention the food?  Unfortunately the food was so good I never thought to take out my camera but next time I will surely do so and post them here on the photo blog.

Most of the Italy photos on this blog are available as high quality framed prints.  All are for purchase as digital downloads for personal or commercial use right here on the site.

These beautiful Italy photos are also available in book form starting at just $19.99.  The books will look wonderful on the coffee table of any Italy lover.

Please join Picture Italy on Facebook and Twitter, where I share Italy photos from this site and also from others sources.

For more about me and links to all of my work check out my personal website, LeslieKelley.com

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