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Before you go to Italy you will want to have a game plan.  When we went, we bought Italy travel guides and brought them with us.  One suggestion that I even used was to tear out the relevant pages from the guides so that I didn’t have to bring so much bulk.  That was 2001 and 2002.

Today, there are smartphones, tablets and eBooks so there is no longer the need for the extra weight of books unless you want them.

When searching for the perfect Italy Travel Guides, I looked for something that I would buy should I be returning to Italy again right now.  (I wish!)

Italy Travel GuidesOne special eBook that I want to share with you is Italy from the Inside.  This handy guide was written by a native Italian who now lives in the US.

The author worked in the travel industry and had her own Italy tour company before deciding to stay home with her children.  But she wanted to continue to share her inside tips with travelers to her home country.  Take this handy guide with you on your mobile device!

Read more about the ebook Here!

We hope that this eBook is helpful you in your planning and you have a wonderful trip to my favorite travel destination.

Check back soon for more Italy travel guides or more helpful tools that we dig up for you!

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